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In the midst of a transit crisis, Mayor De Blasio has been desperate to provide a new means of transportation--a light rail system to bridge two boroughs together. Light rail systems are not new to New York City, and in fact were used in the early 1900’s until the establishment of the elevated trains--or what is now referred to as the subway transit system. With the surge of new developments along the waterfronts of Brooklyn and Queens, De Blasio saw this projects as an innovative way to realize a skewed transit system.

However, it’s price tag of $2.5 billion has proven itself to be contentious. This paper will deconstruct the intricate workings of the Brooklyn Queens Connector--proving that the idea can be executed in a much more equitable and fiscally responsible way. It will uncover reasons for which this project has been kept in the dark, and reasons for which the SBS may be an economical alternative.

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*The source image for the Pulaski Bridge Fragment is from NYCDOT

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