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Carsharing in New York City

To reduce automobile ownership, suppress future car ownership and increase accessibility, the Hunter College Planning Studio explored the expansion and improvement of carshare in New York City. Our semester long exploration created an ideal city-administered mobility program that is affordable, convenient, and sustainable to improve the quality of life of all New York City residents.

Carshare improves street safety, enhances livability, promotes physical activity, expands travel choices, improves air quality, promotes equity of access and reduces carbon emissions.

However, it is logistically and financially challenging with a limited user base, which is manhattan centric and caters to a specific demographic. Additionally, an accurate curb values has not been assigned, nor has the enforcement of reserved carshare parking spaces improved. Furthermore, we have discovered that one-way and two-way services cater to different populations. Finally, we found that the lack of public engagement and street design led to the stagnation of the program.

Our studio split into four groups: Drivers & Users, City Administration, Companies and Siting and Design. The Siting and Design group strategically located neighborhoods to promote equity, and designed streets to promote sustainability. Finally, carshare can be seen as a more expansive transportation network as integrated into a shared street system--or in a transit hub.

*The first map (Existing Carshare Locations) was created in collaboration with Markese Lavell Wider.

Transit Hub Design

Advertising Campaign

*I do not own the credits to the last two images in the Advertising Campaign.

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