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(“Window” in Tagalog) explores the dual identity of the artist, a first-generation Filipina American who, like many first-generation Americans, has consistently battled cultural erasure. To be a first-generation immigrant, is to juggle two identities, in a constant state of flux. A public space that mimics this feeling is the 7 Train, which serves a mostly immigrant population in the most diverse county in the world, Queens. The 7 train offers familiarity, a paradox of isolation and connection, sensory flooding, and cultural shock.

As part of the installation shown at the FAR Gallery, Fort Launderdale, a section of the 7 train has been redesigned to similar scale and offers two windows--one that reflects the ambiance of New York City, and the other that reflects an imagined Filipino city with pre-colonial design elements.

Two sound scores were designed by FurdaRepublick and the artist. Please inquire for the QR codes.

                                                                                 Show Proposal: Digital Model

                                                                       Imagined Little Manila by Section: Digital Model

Final Installation at the FAR Gallery, Fort Lauderdale: Pine Frame, Watercolor, Paper, Burlap, Recycled Paper, Basswood and Veneer Cherry

Opening Day - PC: RJ Deed contentfactorymediagroup and Dominique Denis

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