Connecting objects, space and place to equitable, inclusive and diverse communities

Kyra is a mutli-faceted woman, whose passions tackles the relationships between erasure, discovery, and celebration with a special lens on equity. She toggles between mediums-from urban planning, community organizing, activism, multimedia design, architecture and the visual/performing arts (poetry, sound/music and songwriting). 

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Professional Life

+ Urban Planning 
+ Architecture
+ Teaching


 + Maggi Peyton Gallery
+ FAR Gallery
+ The Connected Chef
+ QNS Collab
+ Little Manila Queens Bayanihan Arts
+ Malaya Movement

+ Curiosity Lab

+ News 12
+ Queens Gazette
+ Astoria Post

+ Hunter Urban Policy & Planning
+ CityTech Open Lab
+ Ace Mentorship Program
+ Lebbeus Woods’ Four Ideal Houses Blog

Play = Home


She lives with her beloved partner, and together they maintain a plant, cat and instrument friendly household.

Shop/Support (Coming soon)

To support these efforts, along with her collective, Kyra is in the process of establishing


(taglog for: SIMPLE HOME)
---an upcoming household item line.

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